“I have definitely had my money’s worth out of my Business First Network membership. I was making some changes to my business and had reason to speak to a solicitor who not only spoke to me for an hour, but also out of office hours. I needed the reassurance that I was handling a legal situation correctly and with the advice that I received it meant that I handled a difficult situation proactively and efficiently, with as little stress as possible. I would quite happily recommend Business First Network to my business associates and friends.”

Susannah Brady, Offload

“We are a very busy company and therefore any queries or problems we may have, we need them to be rectified quickly and in a professional manner. We recently used the excellent Business First Network Advice Line which really impressed me. I would encourage any business owner to become a member of this organization.”

Toby Trueman, Creative Director, HeeHaw Advice Line

“The real benefit I have had from The Membership Plus Card is that it has saved me and my family money. I have saved as much as 9% in my local coffee chain to the 20% at the restaurant. The membership costs have been saved through my grocery shopping alone, never mind the computer purchases.”

Andrew Dobbin, The Business Mindset

“I called at the ‘Blackwood Golf Centre’ in Crawfordsburn to hit a bucket of balls – I asked the Professional if he knew of the ‘Membership Plus’ card and without hesitation, he confirmed that it would qualify me for 25% off the normal green fee of £20 for the main course, thus saving me £5 per round, but also a discount of 50% during the winter months, saving a whopping £10 each and every visit! At that rate, only 15 outings will cover our year’s Business First fee.”

Jerry Russell, Just for you

“I was formerly a member of another membership organisation but was recently persuaded to join Business First Network. Making use of my Membership plus card on just two occasions has effectively covered the cost of my yearly subscription, therefore it hasn’t cost me anything to be a part of Business First Network and I still have access to all the incredible benefits.”

Roger Morrison & Co Accountants

“I have not long joined Business First Network and have already saved over £200 by having a contract sorted for a new staff member. It’s great! I saved more than the annual BFN fee inone go. I also use my membership card all the time, regularly saving money on my groceries at Asda, pizza at Dominos, I even managed to book a hotel room that every other site told me was not available and I got it at a better rate. Can’t say fairer than that. I am glad that I joined BFN and would quite happily recommend them.”

Ian Maylin, Director, Right Click

“I joined Business First Network approximately 9 months ago. I have used my membership plus card for savings at restaurants, hotels, golfing and even saved on new tyres for my car. I have more than covered  the cost of my yearly subscription already. I would recommend Business First Network to other  businesses, after all everyone loves to save money!”

Janice Muldoon, Executive Director, One Result

I spoke to a solicitor on the legal helpline for more than an hour out of office hours. I’m certain this one call would have covered my membership fee. I needed the reassurance that I was handling a legal situation correctly and with the advice that I received it meant that I handled a difficult situation proactively and efficiently with as little stress as possible.

Susannah BradeyOffload Business Services, Surrey

I’m delighted with the business law resource, particularly the facility to automatically produce employment contracts which in the past has been very challenging for us.

Andrew JackBelvoir Estate Agent, Edinburgh

I saved over £2000 through BFN’s insurance quotation service – Nearly ten times my annual subscription! I have no problem recommending BFN to other business owners.

Kate ReinschBorder Studio, Selkirk