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Corporate tax, VAT, PAYE, national insurance, capital gains tax, capital allowance, even stamp duty – UK businesses have many complex tax requirements to navigate. It’s easy to fall behind with your taxes, to be simply unaware of your requirements or to misunderstand what you should be paying.

Tax investigations present stressful, time-consuming and usually very expensive ordeals for company owners. HMRC collects hundreds of millions of pounds in penalties every year but with BFN it’s easy to avoid being one of the unlucky ones.

Key Tax Features

Immediate access to advice and guidance on all your TAX and VAT queries

Up to £100,000 to defend you in HMRC investigations including TAX, VAT and PAYE

Up to £100,000 to defend you in HMRC investigations including TAX, VAT and PAYE

Representation by a Tax advisor or appoint your own accountant

Tax Benefits When You Join BFN

Advice and Guidance available from our Tax and VAT helplines

Ensure you know exactly what you should pay and when

Representation to act for you in an HMRC Investigation

Representation in both full and aspect HMRC enquiries

Representation in PAYE, NIC employer compliance disputes

Representation in Social Security Regulation dispute appeals

Representation in VAT assessment appeals

Immediate advice without having to hold for HMRC advice line

Membership Comes With A Special BFN Member Guarantee

Unlimted Access

You have unlimited access to 5 business advice lines covering Legal, Tax, VAT, HR and Health and Safety

Fixed Fee

Your membership fee will not increase when you recruit more employees

Legal Protection

You have cover of up to £100,000 to pay your legal fees in detrimental prosecutions and investigations

Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy we will refund your money within 30 days of joining

Annual Membership Starts From Just £150 + VAT

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